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Your Trusted Partner for Painting and Decorating Excellence in Sittingbourne

Reach out for a personalised quote or drop me a message to delve into your unique needs, and together, we'll navigate every aspect to achieve great results. Whether it's my distinctive approach, detailed processes, choice of materials, transparent pricing, or efficient turnaround, I'll cover every detail comprehensively before embarking on your painting and decorating venture. Your vision, my meticulous planning – let's create something extraordinary together.


G - DEC Owner and expert painter and decorator

Elevate the ambiance of your interior and exterior spaces through my skilled approach to wallpapering, dustless sanding, and additional services.

Painter painting with spray gun. Dark background

uVPC spraying

Varnishing the Deck

Timber Restoration

Renovation Construction

Repair work

Hanging Frames


Painting Wall


Paint and Brush

Finishing touches

Floor Sanding

Dustless sanding

Paint Cans

Colour consultation

Room with Private Pool


Here's my tailored approach to your painting and decorating project.

Books on a Yellow Wall


Surface Preparation

Surface preparation is the foundational step that sets the stage for a flawless finish. I begin by meticulously inspecting the surfaces to be painted or decorated. This involves identifying imperfections, such as cracks, holes, or uneven textures, and addressing them with thorough cleaning, sanding, and filling techniques. Primers are strategically applied to create a smooth and receptive canvas, ensuring that the subsequent layers adhere seamlessly. This meticulous preparation is crucial for the longevity and quality of the final result, creating a solid foundation for the transformation ahead.




The decorating phase is where the vision comes to life. Whether it's applying paint to walls, ceilings, doors, or engaging in intricate wallpapering, this step demands precision and expertise. The colour palette, patterns, and finishes are meticulously chosen to align with your preferences and the intended aesthetic.

Throughout this process, I ensure a keen eye for detail, striving to achieve a cohesive and visually stunning outcome that exceeds your expectations.



Once the decorating phase is complete, I undertake a thorough clean-up to ensure that your space is left immaculate. This involves the careful removal of any paint splatters, tape, or protective coverings. Furniture and belongings are returned to their original positions, and the work area is tidied to its pre-project state.

My goal is not only to deliver a beautifully transformed space but also to leave behind a lasting impression of professionalism and respect for your property. 

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