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Elevate your property development projects in and around Sittingbourne

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I currently do not hold a CSCS card

Connect with me for a tailored discussion or shoot a message to explore the distinct requirements of your commercial projects. Together, we'll navigate through every detail to shape outstanding outcomes. Whether it's my unique methodology, meticulous processes, material selection, transparent cost breakdown, or streamlined timelines, I'll provide comprehensive insights before embarking on your painting and decorating project.


G - DEC Owner and expert painter and decorator

Elevate the ambiance of your interior and exterior spaces through my skilled approach to wallpapering, dustless sanding, and additional services.

Painter painting with spray gun. Dark background

UVPC spraying

Varnishing the Deck

Timber Restoration

Renovation Construction


Hanging Frames

painting solutions

Painting Wall

Interior & Exterior

House Painting Tools

Cost Effective

Floor Sanding

Dustless sanding

Painting Tools

Efficient Turnaround

Paint Pots and Color Wheel


Crafting Excellence: Your Trusted Partner for Efficient and Creative Commercial Painting Solutions

Tin Wall


Scale and Efficiency

I take pride in my ability to efficiently handle large-scale painting ventures tailored to the unique demands of commercial developments. With over 16 years of experience, I understand the importance of adhering to commercial timelines without compromising the quality of our work. I'm well-equipped to manage the intricacies of sizable projects, ensuring that your commercial spaces undergo a seamless transformation with precision and efficiency.



Adaptability and Specialised Techniques

Commercial spaces often demand a diverse set of skills and an adaptable approach. I embrace the challenge by offering adaptability and a range of specialised techniques to meet the distinctive needs of commercial clients.


My commitment is to bring flexibility and creativity to the table, ensuring that the final result aligns perfectly with the vision you have for your commercial project.


Durability and Cost-Effective Solutions

G-DEC prioritises the use of high-quality, durable paints and finishes that not only create visually appealing spaces but also stand the test of time, requiring minimal maintenance. My commitment to providing cost-effective solutions ensures that your budget is respected without compromising the excellence of my work.


I believe in delivering value to my commercial clients by combining durability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness for a painting and decorating experience that exceeds expectations.

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