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Your experienced local painting and decorating service in Sittingbourne

 16 years of expertise in painting and decorating both commercial and residential properties

Open 7 Days a Week so I'm available  at the best time for you

Proudly offering free quotes and back our work with a solid 5-year guarantee

Hi! I'm Greg, a seasoned professional painter and decorator with 16 years of expertise. A year ago, I decided to leverage my extensive experience and embark on an independent venture. Now, as the proud owner of my own business, I bring a heightened level of service to my clients, both homeowners and commercial. By incorporating cutting-edge techniques such as uVPC spraying and wallpapering, along with the use of dustless sanders. I guarantee a superior quality finish on every project.


G - DEC Owner and expert painter and decorator

Discover the assurance of a flawless finish for your home or commercial development project by choosing G-DEC. Your satisfaction, my commitment.


Brick House

Secure my services for your housing development projects

Choose me as your go-to professional for all of your painting and decorating needs in your home


Transform your interior and exterior spaces with my expert touch in wallpapering, dustless sanding, and more.

Painter painting with spray gun. Dark background

uPVC spraying involves applying a specialised paint coating to uPVC surfaces, allowing you to change or refresh the colour of doors, windows, and other uPVC parts of your home or property.

uVPC spraying

Varnishing the Deck

Timber Restoration

Timber restoration offers the opportunity to refresh the colour and revitalise the appearance of wooden structures, ensuring a renewed and aesthetically pleasing finish for your living spaces.

Hanging Frames


Achieving the perfect wallpaper finish is paramount, and with 16 years of dedicated experience in the art of wallpapering, I bring the expertise needed to deliver a flawlessly seamless result. 

New Houses


Attaining an impeccable finish in commercial painting and decorating is essential, and with 16 years of unwavering dedication to the craft, I offer the expertise required to deliver flawlessly executed projects.

Floor Sanding

Dustless sanding

Seeking a superior finish without the hassle of airborne dust? My dustless sanding process ensures a cleaner and healthier environment during home improvement or renovation projects. 

Painting Wall


Traditional painting offers a versatile approach to transforming your home or property. Allowing for a broader range of surfaces such as doors, walls, trim, and more.

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